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Who we are

The British Cementary Association was created to provide funeral services for British citizens and their descendents.

Subsequently, it extended these services to the European community and citizens of other countries,whatever their religion or beliefs.

Today, the British Cementary is open to anyone willing to preserve the formality and tradition of its facilities.

The British Cementary provides wake or vigil services as well as burial and cremation services.

Advice on all burail and cremation services. Advice on all the formal paperwork required is included in all cases.

Cremation is increasingly becoming a more suitable alternative, not only for strictly finacial reasons but also because of the versatility of the final resting place. The peaceful cementery gardens are available for those who would like their grave to be associated with worldly happiness.


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Cementerio Británico Antiguo 1835 - Prolong. Zarumilla s/n Bellavista - Callao